A) Drew Lock; B) Teddy Bridgewater, or C) None of the above – The Denver Post

I want the starting quarterback to be Drew Lock. With Teddy Bridgewater, you win eight games max. Lock’s ceiling is higher. Broncos fans need Lock to pull through and win the job.

Ryan, betting on potential

Kiz: Everybody preaches patience with a young NFL quarterback until the fans boo the home team off the field and the coach begins worrying about his job security. Patience is a virtue. But making the playoffs is essential to Vic Fangio keeping his job. It is Lock’s job to lose, but his margin for error is very small. Let spring football and the competition begin.

Broncos fans are delusional when it comes to Lock. The dude is another John Elway draft bust. Bridgewater gives the Broncos a better chance at making the playoffs. But we aren’t going far with either quarterback.

J.M., dispenser of hard truth

Kiz: New general manager George Paton has rebuilt the No Fly Zone, drafted a workhorse running back and acquired a veteran quarterback known for limiting mistakes. I’m not too smart, but even a knucklehead like me can see Paton’s strategy for beating Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs.

I want whatever quarterback looks better in spring practice to be a solid backup to Aaron Rodgers.

Alex, Los Angeles

Kiz: Amen, brother. Being able to acquire Rodgers from Green Bay is the difference between the Broncos making a run at the Super Bowl or being also-rans in the AFC West.

Kiz, I normally like your moderate and well-informed Avalanche commentary, but your complete condemnation of Avalanche center Nazem Kadri and his hit on Blues defenseman Justin Faulk was truly some bizarre stuff. What the heck? The greatest NHL teams have polarizing players that skate on the edge. While I don’t like Kadri’s issues in Toronto, this hit was way different. It was a cleanly executed hit that went the wrong way.

Rob, generous soul

Kiz: The league suspended Kadri for eight games. Wrong place, wrong time with a clean hit? Remove your burgundy-colored glasses and it’s plain to see that hit was dangerous, reckless and dirty.

I stumbled across your column blasting Kadri and wish more journalists had the guts to call it like you did. Played hockey my whole life and am still going strong in my 50s. Any idiot that excuses guys like Kadri or Tom Wilson of Washington should watch sports in an octagon, not an ice rink.

Michael, Boston