Colorado State House District 27 candidate Q&A

Why are you seeking public office?
Like many of my neighbors, I have been frustrated in my efforts to find a home within the traditional two parties that have dominated our political landscape for the past 150 years. I found that this search presented me with the option of signing on to a party line that did not resonate with my beliefs or striking off on a different path. I selected that alternate path, and believe that a majority of Coloradans join me in that desire. As a third party candidate, I am not beholden to an un-elected party leadership. My ability to be your voice is not constrained by party politics. I have no barriers that prevent me from working with other members of the Legislature, regardless of party affiliation, to deliver common sense solutions on behalf of my constituents.

What will your top three priorities be if elected?
1 – Elimination of state income tax
2 – Reduction of occupational licensing requirements
3 – Minimization of state government scope and influence

Do you support some type of public option health insurance or Medicare for All at the state level? If so, which and why? If not, why not?
No. Governments are ill-equipped to serve as providers of health insurance programs and cannot do so as effectively and efficiently as the free market.

Have your views on policing and racism in Colorado changed this year? If so, how?
They have evolved in that I have a deeper appreciation of how some policies, such as drug prohibitions, have created an environment for over-policing.