Denver Public Schools to install disinfecting lights on more than 300 buses – The Denver Post

Denver Public Schools students who ride the bus to and from school will soon do so in a germ-killing glow.

On Tuesday, the district unveiled 10 buses outfitted with VioSafe disinfecting lights that kill germs and bacteria on surfaces. DPS plans to make the lights standard features on every one of its 325 buses by January, adding an extra measure to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases.

The LED bulbs attack and kill the hosts for microbes, effectively sanitizing the surfaces where the light reaches, said Tim Mickey, who sells buses for McCandless Bus Center dealership and negotiated the deal with DPS. Each 7-inch, circular light shines across a 12-foot radius and kills about 90% of germs, he said.

“Those LED lights work off 400 to 405 nanometer lighting scale. What that means is it’s 100% safe light that you can be exposed to 24/7 — people, pets, kids, students,” Mickey said.

According to Mickey, the technology was first adopted by first responders in ambulances and emergency rooms, but has been embraced by schools as they put up COVID-19 safeguards. Greeley-Evans School District 6 was the first in Colorado to purchase buses with the lights installed, though DPS is the first to outfit its entire fleet, he said.