Lakers try to “manipulate” refs’ whistles

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. – Nuggets guard Jamal Murray knew exactly what happened during Friday’s lopsided second quarter, he was just careful where he was casting the blame.

The Lakers took 24 free-throw attempts in the quarter, including eight during a pivotal 17-1 run over the first five minutes. The Nuggets never recovered from the landslide, which also featured six turnovers and a Murray technical foul. The Lakers finished their 126-114 Game 1 win with a 37-28 advantage on free-throw attempts.

“If you watched the game, you could tell,” Murray said diplomatically. “Yeah, if you watched the game, then you could tell.”

But when asked how he can adapt to the whistle, he let out a laugh knowing it was an unavoidable theme.

“Just try to play through it,” Murray said. “It’s tough. (The Lakers) want to talk about every call and have full conversations and try to manipulate what happens, but you can’t worry about it. We know how it’s going to be. We know we’re the younger team. We’re just going to play through it. We’re going to find a way and we’re not going to go away so easy.”