Sam Martin’s directional punting an asset for Broncos special teams – The Denver Post

Broncos punter Sam Martin receives any given football with three variables to consider in his attempt to flip field position: distance, location and hang time.

“It’s definitely not easy,” said Martin, an eighth-year NFL punter in his second Broncos season. “It’s a constant process and something I worked on all offseason.”

In Denver’s victory Sunday against the Dolphins, Martin’s right foot aced all three categories with poetic punting. His best game of the year came against one of the NFL’s top return men, speedy Miami wide receiver Jakeem Grant, who entered the game at 14.3 yards per runback.

Martin booted a punt 48 yards, left-to-right, that landed out of bounds at the Dolphins’ 21. Then Martin launched the football 52 yards, right-to-left, caught by Grant at his own 11. Denver safety Alijah Holder quickly forced him out at the 17.

Martin’s last punt? A 56-yard bomb with no chance for a return.

“(Miami) had been doing a lot of things in the special teams to help them win and we were able to not give up anything there,” Broncos coach Vic Fangio said after his team’s 20-13 win. “Sam did a great job punting.”

Martin, a former fifth-round NFL draft selection from Appalachian State, has shown a knack for specific ball placement with directional punts to either side of the field. Where Broncos special teams coordinator Tom McMahon has called for improvement, though, is increased hang time. Martin lifted punts into the air for 4.25, 3.89 and 4.14 seconds against the Dolphins.