Wife’s risky behavior escalates – The Denver Post

Dear Amy: I’m a 31-year-old husband with a beautiful wife and two amazing little girls.

My wife and I have been married for six years.

Two years ago, my wife reached out to an old flame and engaged in an emotional affair. She continued to talk with him even while we were going to marriage counseling. After she stopped that relationship, a few months went by quite nicely.

Then she started an emotional affair (through Snapchat) with a co-worker.

She was caught and said it would stop.

That happened exactly a year ago.

The day before Mother’s Day last May, she told me that the only thing she wanted was a day of not having to be a mother.

I was happy to oblige, so I loaded up the girls and we spent the day together, so “Mommy” could be on her own.

I didn’t hear from her all day and she didn’t come home that night.

The following day, on Mother’s Day, she met me at my mom’s house and apologized. She said she got drunk with an old friend.

Turns out, that was a lie. A few days ago, she confessed to sleeping with a total stranger that night.